BHRS Council News - 18 October 2018

We would like to welcome a new Cardiac Physiologist and Doctor representative to the BHRS council.

Eleri Gregory, Consultant Cardiac Physiologist from the Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, has been elected as a physiologist representative to the additional physiologist position, created on council following the recent decision to increase the number of physiologist and nurse members on Council.

Dr Joseph De Bono, Consultant Cardiologist from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, has been elected as a new doctor representative. 

We would like to thank Dr Dhiraj Gupta, whose tenure has come to an end for his contribution to council over the last 3 years, which has included the BHRS treasurer role this last year.

We will also like to raise awareness to our arrhythmia nurse members that we at present have an unfilled arrhythmia nurse seat on council which will be re-advertised shortly.  Please do consider applying for the position and contributing to the society’s development.


BHRS partners with AER Journal
18 October 2018

BHRS and the Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Review (AER) Journal announce the launch of an official partnership

Click here to view the press release

More details to follow soon



Changes to the Certification Exam Venue and Summer Revision Course
18 October 2018

As of next year, the BHRS certification examination will no longer take place in the Spring and will no longer be held in three locations across the UK.

The 2019 exam will take place on Sunday 6th October 2019
at Heart Rhythm Congress, The ICC, Birmingham

There will be a BHRS Revision course held on Saturday 29th June 2019 at Manchester Royal Infirmary, Lecture Theatre 1, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9WL

Registration for the revision course is due to open in the new year, with more details to follow.

For all exam enquires please visit the Certification pages on this site or email 


NEW BHRS Standards
02 August 2018

NEW published BHRS standard document for ILR insertion and NEW proposed BHRS standards for lead extraction for consultation.

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Stand for BHRS Council
31 July 2018

Help shape and develop the BHRS by standing for BHRS Council!

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Sign the Petition
30 July 2018
The BHRS did not create this petition but would like to support this cause.

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Heart rhythm Congress 2018
16 July 2018

Only 2 weeks until Early Bird prices for HRC expire! Don't miss out - book your place today here.

NICOR reporting of Data
06 May 2018

Please read this important information about NICOR reporting of data about your/your centre’s CRM activity.

NICOR is about to analyse the data for CRM device procedures in the UK for 2016/7.  Your data may be incorrect, so it is important that your centre validates it before publication.

Letter from BHRS Council Regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
24 April 2018


Letter from BHRS Council Regarding Membership Price Review
29 January 2018

Opportunity for BHRS members - Guide for submission of materials to the BHRS website
22 January 2018

With the imminent changes due the BHRS would like you to consider sharing any personal resources which could be included in the members access only pages including Educational materials, Presentations and Local standard operation policies and guidelines

Our hope is that materials submitted and shared can be used to advance learning and knowledge amongst members.  Shared policies and guidelines will also provide a reference or guidance to those members writing or developing documents for local practice.  We hope materials submitted will promote good clinical and safe practice and high quality patient care.  

In preparation for this opportunity the BHRS have created a brief guide detailing the procedure to follow and the process involved for submitting materials to the website.

IMPORTANT: Membership & Logbook Update
19 January 2018

Subscriptions are due annually in either January or July, therefore please ensure that your standing order is up to date to reflect new prices. From January 2018, all logbooks must be submitted electronically via Dropbox even if registered and started before 2018. (accompanying statement regarding BHRS membership prices)

Medical Device Alert:Pacemakers and CRT-Pacemakers - oversensing of minute ventilation sensor signal leading to risk of syncope and pre-syncope
12 January 2018

Boston Scientific Field Safety Notices 
8 January 2018

Boston Scientific has released two field safety notices reporting technical programming information for specific pacemaker and defibrillator models. One of these has resulted in a medical device alert (MDA) notification.  

Boston Scientifc Field Safety Notice: Pacemakers – Technical programming information on Minute Ventilation Sensor

Boston Scientifc Field Safety Notice: Technical programming information – Left Ventricular (LV) Offset interaction on Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy pacemakers (CRT-Ps) and defibrillators (CRT-Ds)

BHRS Response: Advice to all departments carrying out Cardiac Rhythm Management implantation and follow-up procedures – a reminder of the importance of reporting to MHRA (updated)