Ashish Patwala

“I have been a consultant at University Hospital of North Midlands since 2011. In that time I have developed a keen interest in the training of physiologists and medical trainees and I am the current lead for pacing training in the West Midlands deanery.

I believe that in the current climate of a shortage of trained physiologists and the changes in medical training programmers it if vital that the BHRS are involved in helping to develop best practices for training.

The BHRS is ideally placed to try and ensure that the changes are made to training and procurement are done with input from medical and physiology representatives and that the changes lead to enhanced patient outcomes in the future. The role BHRS has taken in issuing guidance for various procedure and especially in the recent COVID era has been vitally important.

The importance of the BHRS has been highlighted in the recent pandemic and the ability of the BHRS to link different regions of the UK will be vital in the recovery phase. Having been in managerial and training roles in my local region I am well versed in the issues that current face our departments, if I was elected to the council I would look to build on the excellent work currently being done in training and providing best practice guidance. I think the BHRS is ideally placed to take a leadership role in these changes and I would be keen to help deliver this as a council member.”