Webinar: Restoration & Improvement of Device Services During COVID-19

Friday 27th November: 15:00 to 17:00

The COVID pandemic has had a major effect on the way we deliver device services in the UK. This webinar will look at some of the issues faced by us all and highlight some of the positive work around the UK to deliver device services.

Panel: Dr Derek Connelly (Glasgow), Ian wright (Imperial) , Dr Paul Foley (Swindon), Dr Dewi Thomas (Morriston), Sophie Rooker (Manchester)


Designing remote monitoring services that work for everyone
Ian Wright (Imperial)

Reimbursement for device follow up
Steve Fearn (Abbott UK)

Utilising video technology for device follow up
Matt Swift (Swindon)

Using innovative technologies to optimise HF and device care in the post COVID era
Dr Fozia Ahmed (Manchester)

Running a comprehensive CRT service in the post COVD era
Amy Brett (Manchester)


Has your department set up a new/innovative device service? Then we would very much like to hear from you to share your experience as part of this webinar.  Please email stuart.allen@mft.hs.uk

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