Please Note: These submission details and forms here should be used by November 2023 and onwards candidates.  

In order to achieve full BHRS accreditation in the field of Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM), applicants must successfully undertake the BHRS Devices examination and complete the following logbook.  The logbook is a series of case reports across a variety of CRM devices and scenarios designed to support the applicant by requiring exposure to a range of CRM procedures and providing the opportunity to demonstrate advanced knowledge of CRM procedures, indications, programming and troubleshooting, in line with current evidence and guidance.   The logbook must be submitted to BHRS within 18 months of the date of examination to achieve full accreditation.

Case Reports to be Submitted:

  1. Case report – Pacemaker
  2. Case report – ICD
  3. Case report – CRT (P or D)
  4. Case report – Other

Cases 1-3 should provide details of a case involving implant of the specified device type (PPM / ICD / CRT).  Case 4 should be a report of any other procedure that is not a straightforward / simple implant, or a report of complex trouble-shooting and reprogramming in the follow-up setting.  Appropriate examples for use as case report 4 include but are not limited to:

  • Procedure to rectify a complication (such as lead extraction, lead replacement, DFT for failed therapies)
  • Surgical device procedure
  • Subcutaneous ICD implantation and testing
  • Leadless pacemaker procedure
  • Conduction system pacing procedure
  • Complex trouble-shooting and reprogramming of device

All case reports should include the following:

  • Indications for procedure
  • Pre-procedure / diagnostic details
  • Procedural details
  • Programming performed including explanation and rationale
  • Any procedural complications
  • Arrangements for follow-up and further tests or procedures
  • Reference to relevant published evidence and guidelines
  • Full description of all clinical decision-making


It is expected that each case report will incorporate text and a selection of figures, tables and images to convey the relevant information from the case.  Case reports should be uploaded as a single document in a commonly used word processing format (such as Microsoft Word).  There is no specified template but candidates are encouraged to use templates or formats as one would expect to see in a scientific publication.  A sample template that may be used is provided below.  Critical analysis of areas such as the clinical decision-making undertaken, the use of national or international guidance and the evidence base available, is strongly encouraged.  Candidates are also actively encouraged to use this logbook as a foundation point for future publication of case reports.

Maximum recommended word count:  1000 (excluding references)

Maximum recommended figures / tables / images:  4

Marking criteria:

Criteria Marks Available
Presentation & Product 15
Knowledge Base & Perception 20
Diversity 5
Critical Analysis & Judgement 25
Creativity 20
Evidence of Learning 15