As the British Heart Rhythm Society (BHRS), we act as a unifying focus for healthcare professionals involved in the management of arrhythmias.  We have four highly anticipated dedicated sessions at A-A HRC2021.


Arrhythmia Alliance & BHRS Joint Session
Chair: Dr Alistair Slade (Truro, UK)

BHRS Remote Monitoring Survey – What has the data revealed?
Mrs Eleri Gregory (Manchester, UK) and Mr Ian Wright (London, UK)

A-A Remote Monitoring Survey – What have the data revealed?
Mrs Trudie Lobban, MBE (Stratford Upon Avon, UK)            

BHRS EGM Championship: LIVE — Monday 4th Oct; 13:30–15:00
Chair: Mr Stuart Allen (Manchester, UK)

Panel: Mr Christopher Monkhouse (London, UK), Dr Honey Thomas (Northumbria, UK), and Mr Paul Doherty (Solihull, UK)

BHRS Symposia
Chair: Dr Alistair Slade (Truro, UK), Prof Derek Connelly (Glasgow, UK)

Evidence from the ICD trials from 1996-2004
Prof Derek Connelly (Glasgow, UK)

Survival in heart failure in 2021 – are ICDs redundant?
Prof Mark Petrie (Glasgow, UK)

The role of cardiac MR in risk stratification for sudden death
Prof Francesco Leyva (Birmingham, UK)

Ongoing trials involving CMR
Dr Charlotte Manisty (London, UK)

What new trials are ongoing and address evidence gaps in CRT & ICD therapy
Prof Gerhard Hindricks (Leipzig, Germany)


BHRS Physiologist Session: Remote Monitoring — Service Development
Chair: Miss Claire O’Neill, London, UK; Jason Collinson (Basildon, UK)           

Monday motivation — managing the workload!
Mr Josh Mundy (Ipswich, UK)       

ADMIN! The key component to a successful service
Mr Ian Pinnell (Oxford, UK)  

Remote alerts — practical tips: What, when and how?
Miss Charlotte Mehegan (Bury St. Edmunds, UK)

Innovative ways of delivering patient information
Mrs Lydia Bradley (Wolverhampton, UK)