Invitation for Feedback

Open consultation for the 2021 Joint UK Societies Guideline for the Management of Patients who Arrest in the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory

The BHRS is proud to be part of this joint taskforce which is working on guidelines for the management of patients who arrest in the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory.  This is the first comprehensive guideline in this area in the world.  This taskforce have brought together 9 British societies involved in the care of cardiology patients to create this guideline.

Detailed feedback from all potential users of this guideline is vital for its success and so we thank you for taking an interest in this guidelines and for providing this feedback.

The taskforce have performed full literature reviews in all areas of this guideline and have spent 6 months as a guideline development group discussing all the most important areas. A full Delphi Consensus process has been performed in order to gain group consensus on the current document.  The guideline document can be found below.

For a more detailed look at all the issues an open dropbox has been created that you are welcome to look at which includes all the papers, minutes and discussions by our group.  This can also be found below.

Once the open consultation period has closed the group will consider all feedback and proposals before agreeing a final guideline so you can be assured that all feedback will be discussed by the guideline group.

If you are unable to access the document via your workplace (due to links being block by The Trust) then you should be able to download the document to view here as an alternative.