BHRS Points Eligibility & Application Form

In house/ department education session

Does your department hold a regular or weekly CRM/ devices/ EP education session or are you planning on starting one?

If your education session meets the criteria below it may be eligible for BHRS points which members can use for reaccreditation.


  • CRM/Device/EP lead physiologist or cardiologist is BHRS accredited
  • Your education session is a minimum of 1 hour
  • A list of attendees and education topics per meeting must be electronically recorded (via Excel or similar)
  • Education content over 12 months covers at least 2 subjects from the list below:
    • Quality Assurance (Audits)
    • Regular Shock and ATP therapy review
    • Interesting cases/cases and traces
    • Device programming and algorithms (can be delivered by device manufacturers)
    • Journal/scientific paper(s) review
    • Review of conference/course/symposium presentations

i.e. what you are intending for attendees to achieve/what they will achieve.
How Often Held(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Do not include breaks, lunch etc. To apply each session must be a minimum of 1 hour.
Please list the educational content covered
Content must cover at least 2 of the above.
Course Leader or Programme Director Name(Required)
A BHRS Accredited speaker is desired. From 2026 a minimum of 1 BHRS Accredited speaker will be compulsory.
Max. file size: 1 GB.
Do you agree to keep a list of attendees and educational topics for each session?
You must select yes to be considered for BHRS points and endorsement.