Accreditation FAQs

To re-accredit with the BHRS, you must have either BHRS, EHRA, or IBRHE accreditation.

You can obtain a certificate of attendance from the event organiser.

To accredit, you must have 25 BHRS points.

BHRS points are a form of CPD points awarded by the BHRS for events appropriate to your career development.

You can ask for an event to be added to the list by completing this form:

Your re-accreditation will run from the date it is issued and not from when any existing accreditation expires.

To gain accreditation you must either sit the BHRS exam and submit a logbook, or be accredited with EHRA or the IBRHE. To use the re-accreditation system you must first be accredited in the above ways.

You can either sit the BHRS exam again or use the BHRS reaccreditation system.

Accreditation encompasses reaccreditation. The system is designed to ensure that members keep their knowledge as up-to-date as possible.

To go through the reaccreditation process, you must first have been accredited with either the BHRS, EHRA or the IBRHE.

If your accreditation from BHRS, IBHRE, EHRA is from the last 5 years, you do not need to re-accredit. If it is older, it will not gain you points.

The BHRS accept accreditation certificates from the past 23 years, but any courses/events must have been attended in the last 5 years.

If you have lost your certificate, you should approach the governing body who you took your exam with to request a replacement.

No. To be more environmentally friendly and to keep costs down for the candidates an electronic certificate only will be issued.  You will receive a certificate via email within 2 weeks of payment.

From 2019 onwards your original accreditation will last for 5 years. After that you may wish to apply for re-accreditation using the new points system.