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Statement from Prof. Richard Schilling, BHRS President

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BHRS: CRT & Heart Failure Management in the COVID-19 Era

The COVID pandemic has had a major effect on the way we deliver services in the UK. This webinar looks at some of the issues faced by us all and highlights some of the positive changes around the UK in response to changes in daily practices. The webinar showcases different ways of working – particularly around CRT devices. This is a joint Manchester University NHSFT, Oxford University Hospitals NHST and University of Oxford event. This webinar was held on Wednesday 13th October 2021: 10:00 to 11:40.


BHRS: Living with COVID – challenges and benefits of changes

Thank you to everyone involved for their time over the last 2 weeks to record the COVID webinar series. We’re pleased to announce the videos have been published and are now live on the Radcliffe website. Videos in the programme can be accessed by scrolling down the right-hand menu.

Additional Documentation

Here is the latest advice from the Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions for the management of ICC patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
BHRS statement on deactivation and removal of ICDs and pacemakers post mortem during COVID pandemic.
Statement on PPE for cardiology-specific scenarios drawn up initially by Simon Ray supported by BCIS and BHRS.
RCUK Statement on PHE PPE Guidance
SOP to identify the roles and responsibilities for all physiology staff undertaking COVID-19 cross site pacing cover for London.

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