The ECG/EGM Challenge

The challenge page allows members to share experiences and learn from interesting ECG/EGM traces seen during daily practice

ECG/EGM Challenge

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Radcliffe Cardiology we are planning to co-publish successful submissions on the BHRS website and on a new case-based web platform, led by Professor Angelo Auricchio and the Radcliffe Group called the Arrhythmia Academy

As an incentive to submit cases the editor in chief of Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Review (AER) journal, Dr Demosthenes Katritsis would like to select a ‘winning case’ each quarter and invite the author of these best cases to write a review or an expert opinion piece on the topic addressed, that would be published in the AER journal and indexed on PubMed.

If you have an interesting case, ECG or EGM please consider submitting a report. It’s a great opportunity to show CPD and share experiences for others to learn from.

Submissions should include a brief case background, a question with multiple choice possible answers, the answer, an explanation, a brief discussion section if relevant and a minimum of one reference and be sent to with the subject heading ‘BHRS Challenge Feature’

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