Programme OUT NOW – BHRS Symposium 2024


The programme for our November symposium on all things arrhythmia is now available to view! The programme, devised by clinical leads Dr John Paisey, Dr Vishal Luther and Dr Fozia Ahmed, features debates, discussion and quick-fire scenarios surrounding: Hot Leadless Pacing Topics Conduction System Pacing Quick-fire Scenarios in AF Management All About ICD Hot [...]

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Position Statement: Programming of Remote Monitoring Alerts in CIEDS


Position Statement: Programming of Remote Monitoring Alerts in CIEDS Ensuring Safe and Effective Remote Monitoring for CIED Patients.  The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly increased the use of remote monitoring platforms for patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs). This shift highlights the importance of Cardiac Rhythm Management Teams fully understanding these systems to provide [...]

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NICOR Data Portal for LAAO Devices Now Live


NICOR Data Portal for LAAO Devices Now Live The NICOR data portal for Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion (LAAO) devices is now live and data can be submitted directly. Please note: A separate registration is required for each dataset. This means that if you are already submitting PCI or EP data, you or your centre’s [...]

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Barts Hybrid Training Day


Barts Hybrid Training Day 3rd of July 2024 at St Paul's Cathedral Barts Hart Centre is holding its first hybrid ablation training day. Registration is open to reserve your attendance at this complimentary event at St Pauls Cathedral. Distinguished experts will share insights on the latest technologies and techniques for managing AFib through surgical, [...]

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AHCS – Journal Out Now


OUT NOW: Healthcare Science Leadership Journal The Academy of Healthcare Science (AHCS) have released their Summer 2024 Edition of the Healthcare Science Leadership Journal. Read fascinating peer reviewed articles including: Career journeys into leadership roles Raising the profile of non-patient facing healthcare scientists Leadership Strategy and much more! Do get in touch with them [...]

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BHRS Fundamentals of EP (PART 2) – June 2024


BHRS Webinar: Fundamentals of EP (PART 2) REGISTRATION Friday 27th September 2024 1.30pm – 4.30pm This webinar is aimed at: Cardiac Physiologists and Cardiology Registrars/Fellows in Electrophysiology training in Electrophysiology training, who wish to gain knowledge of the basics of mapping and ablating arrhythmias. Arrhythmia mechanisms incl. AF Referencing & windows for Bipolar [...]

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RECORDING OUT NOW – Fundamentals of EP (PART 1) Webinar


NOW AVAILABLE: Webinar Recording - Fundamentals of EP (PART 1) Thank you to everyone who attended last week's EP webinar.  The recording is now available for those who missed it or want to watch it again. This webinar provided essential knowledge for interpreting SVTs by understanding basic intervals and responses to pacing maneuvers. Attendees [...]

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British Heart Rhythm Symposium | 2024


British Heart Rhythm Symposium 11th November 2024, Royal College of Physicians, London Exclusive to BHRS members.  We’re pleased to announce that our one-day symposium on all things arrhythmia is back by popular demand and now open for registration.  The BHRS Symposium is suitable for those with experience and expertise in managing arrhythmias from all [...]

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EP LAAO Implanting Volunteers Needed


EP LAAO Implanting Volunteers Needed The left atrial appendage domain of NCAP (National Cardiac Audit Program) is setting up an DEG (domain expert group). The domain clinical lead is Dr Steve Murray, previously of BHRS council. The group will be multi-disciplinary, and involve doctors, nurses, physiologists and patient representatives. It is anticipated that there [...]

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NEW: Case Challenge for June 2024


BHRS Case Challenge: June 2024 We are pleased to announce the next BHRS ECG/EGM Challenge with an interesting case entitled: Smart watch bradycardia alert: Does the EGM evidence agree? This case was contributed by Tessa Willoughby Advanced Specialist Cardiac Physiologist, Manchester Royal Infirmary TAKE THE CHALLENGE If you have an interesting case, [...]

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