EHRA wEHRAbles-II Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of wearable devices and telemedicine in cardiovascular healthcare. The EHRA Young EP group together with the EHRA Scientific Initiatives Committee and the EHRA Digital Committee takes this opportunity to conduct the wEHRAbles-II survey on the impact of tracings from wearable devices on your daily clinical decision making.

The survey can be accessed via the button below.  EHRA invite you to share this link with your colleagues.

The aims of this survey are:

  • to define data quality required to make clinical decisions
  • to ask for clinical decisions based on wearable device tracings
  • to ask about the future of wearable devices
  • to define the status of reimbursement and implementation into hospital systems

The survey only takes 10 minutes. Your answers will be anonymous.

If you have any comments or questions on the survey, feel free to contact us (Martin Manninger or David Duncker).

All participants of the wEHRAbles-II survey will be entered into a raffle for two EHRA books (EHRA book of Pacemaker ICD and CRT Troubleshooting & The EHRA Book of Interventional Electrophysiology: Case-based learning with multiple choice questions) signed by leading EHRA members. For further details on the lottery click here.