EP LAAO Implanting Volunteers Needed

The left atrial appendage domain of NCAP (National Cardiac Audit Program) is setting up an DEG (domain expert group). The domain clinical lead is Dr Steve Murray, previously of BHRS council. The group will be multi-disciplinary, and involve doctors, nurses, physiologists and patient representatives. It is anticipated that there will be two implanting doctors from BHRS and two from BCIS. These are volunteer roles that will require a commitment of around 2 hours per month. Volunteers will:

1. Shape “good practice” standards for the procedure and its follow up
2. Assist in setting up data collection for audits and research
3. Help with production of the reports, with the aspiration to have real-time data and quarterly reports

Whilst there is no reimbursement, these roles will also help expose a consultant/nurse specialist/physiologist to this type of work and pave the way for their involvement in the future, as well as enhance their CV with valuable experience.

Register your interest by contacting Steve Murray