Imaging in the era of COVID: who needs imaging when resources are limited – Dr Nikant Sabharwal

Dr Sabharwal (Oxford, UK) presents how his hospital has had to change its approach to running an imaging lab, with a consideration of specific constraints due to COVID.

He highlights:

– How disease management processes have had to adapt and how patients are being prioritized and targetted for imaging to ensure patients can continue to be scanned despite the ongoing pandemic.

– The importance of a good history and ECG for patient selection and consideration of which diseases are likely to need the closest follow-up, as well as a discussion around the risks of patients and staff from nuclear, CT/CMR, and echo.

Nik Sabharwal

Dr Nik Sabharwal trained in cardiology in London and Oxford, and was appointed Consultant Cardiologist within Oxfordshire in 2009. Dr Sabharwal is part of the Nuclear Cardiology department at Oxford University Hospitals Trust, which tests over 2000 patients per year.