Voting is Now Open for BHRS Council

BHRS Council Doctor Representative Elections 2020

Many thanks to everyone for their interest in joining the BHRS Council.  We received one nomination for the Nurse Representative.  As a result, this position does not need to go to vote.  We are pleased to confirm Catherine Laventure will join BHRS Council as a Nurse Representative.

We are honoured to have 11 potential Doctor Representatives candidates for council.  Please read through the individual candidate summaries and then complete the voting form for Doctor Representative on the BHRS Council with your choice.  As there are three Doctor Representative openings you can vote up to three people.  The three candidates with the most votes will be formally elected and be welcomed at the BHRS AGM later this year.  Deadline for votes is 9th September 2020.

All active BHRS members can vote.  You will need to log in to access the voting form.  Please do support your preferred candidate.