Advanced cardiac anatomy for the cardiac electrophysiologist: Part 1- Heart in the chest and epicardium

by Dr. Kalyanam Shivkumar

Professor of Medicine, UCLA and Director of the UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center, next editor-in-chief of JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology.


***high quality overlapping reconstructions relating fluro images, anatomical models and 3D reconstructions to build a comprehensive, clinically-focused picture.***

  • Attitudinal nomenclature and how to use this clinically
  • Anatomical orientation in the RAO and LAO views
  • Pericardial structures and anatomical relationships
  • Approach to achieving ‘independence’ in pericardial access for Fellows

These lectures were given as part of the Virtual #EPFellowsConference during the Covid Pandemic in 2020 to provide an ongoing learning opportunity for EP trainees. The videos were recorded from the Zoom live meetings and produced by Dr Nishant Verma (@NishantVermaMD), Associate Professor of Medicine, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Northwestern University. He also organised and co-ordinated the conference and we are very grateful for his effort and hard work. The content is expected to be valuable to subspeciality trainees but also as a refresher to Consultants.

Permissions to host on the BHRS site were given to Dr Nikhil Ahluwalia, BHRS trainee rep. The opinions expressed are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect UK guidelines or those of BHRS. These videos are for educational purposes only for healthcare professionals.

If any UK-based trainees would like to live login the the twice weekly lectures given by eminent speakers in Cardiac Electrophysiology, please email or DM @nikhil_ahl on twitter for the Zoom meet-up details and log-in password.