Webinar on “Cryoballoon Service Optimisation in the COVID Era”

Free Webinar: Tuesday 30th June 17:30

The objective of the panel discussion is to support AF ablation teams in their efforts to reduce AF ablation resource needs, wait lists, and operational inefficiencies, using existing resources and without additional stress. The expert panel will offer guidance on ways to implement workflow efficiencies and reduce the patient’s length of stay, drawing from their respective experiences.

The panel discussion is divided into two back-to-back 30-minute sessions focused on:

Part 1: Resource optimisation with the Artic Front Advance family of Cryoballoons
Moderator: Prof Ross Hunter
Speakers: Annemiek Janssen, Dr Jonas De Jong, Prof Joachim Ehrlich

Part 2: Cryoballoon ablation day case
Moderator: Prof Ross Hunter
Speakers: Dr Aaisha Opel, Dr Alexandre Ouss, Dr Patrick Heck