The training stations for the BHRS Hands-on Simulator Training Day are now available to book, and with 20+ to choose from at Core/Advanced levels you really are spoilt for choice!

The upcoming practical day, led by Dr Jonathan Behar, will feature a range of companies offering training on different device an EP ablation therapy.

The companies include Abbott, Boston Scientific, Biosense Webster, Biotronik and Medtronic.

Each station will train a small number of people allowing for focused training and a true hands-on experience. All attendees will get the choice to fully personalise the day by choosing which training stations to attend, so you only get trained in the areas relevant to you.

In addition, DOPS will be available on request for your portfolio from the consultants present on the day!
When registering your place, you can choose up to six training stations you would like to attend!

Here’s a look at what’s on offer.

IC Echo – Advanced
3D Mapping – Basic Mapping – Core
3D Mapping – Complex Arrhythmia Mapping – Advanced
Mentice VR Implant Simulator – RA and RV Leads – Core
Mentice VR Implant Simulator – CRT Leads – Advanced
Merlin Pacemaker Programmers – Programming for Pacemakers – Core
Merlin Pacemaker Programmers – Programming for ICDs and CRT
Biosense Webster
Intracardiac Echo – Core/Advanced
Carto3 Hands-on System Mapping and Ablation with “David” Simulator – Core/Advanced
Brady Indication-based Programming – Core
TACY Manual Therapies and Troubleshooting and DTFs – Advanced
Boston Scientific
Fundamentals of Pacing and Lead Testing – Core
Managing VT & VF – Advanced
CRT Implantation – Advanced
S-ICD – Core
RhythmCare and Digital Solutions – Core
Labsystem™ Pro Basic EP Recording System – Core
Farapulse™ Ablation Technology – Intermediate
Polarx™ Ablation Technology – Core/Advanced
Rhythmia HDx™ 3D Mapping – Advanced
Intro to Medtronic Programming Station – Core
Management of Medtronic ICD and CRT Patients – Programmer Station – Intermediate
Simulated Conduction System Pacing or CRT Implant – Intermediate
AF Ablations; Arctic Front Cryoblation Catheter Family & Technology – Core
Medtronic Ablations Portfolio Solutions Update; Fundamentals of Pulse Field Energy – Core