BHRS Council News

We would like to welcome a new Cardiac Physiologist and Doctor representative to the BHRS council.

Eleri Gregory, Consultant Cardiac Physiologist from the Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, has been elected as a physiologist representative to the additional physiologist position, created on council following the recent decision to increase the number of physiologist and nurse members on Council.

Dr Joseph De Bono, Consultant Cardiologist from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, has been elected as a new doctor representative.

We would like to thank Dr Dhiraj Gupta, whose tenure has come to an end for his contribution to council over the last 3 years, which has included the BHRS treasurer role this last year.

We will also like to raise awareness to our arrhythmia nurse members that we at present have an unfilled arrhythmia nurse seat on council which will be re-advertised shortly.  Please do consider applying for the position and contributing to the society’s development.