Further to our previous communication, A-A Pace4Life can now provide more information on the disposal of ex-planted and end-of-shelf-life devices and equipment.

In order to provide a seamless process to you, A-A P4L has developed a process for collecting/shipping of your devices. They are currently working to provide multiple disposal options. You can download the current collection information from the A-A P4L website here.

Please note there is only one collection centre for donations and that is:

A-A Pace4Life
20 Greenhill Street
Stratford Upon Avon
CV37 6LF

Please contact Arrhythmia Alliance Pace4Life for more information or to set up a collection at info@pace4life.org

Arrhythmia Alliance Pace4Life is looking forward to perfecting this process and would appreciate your support. Arrhythmia Alliance Trustees will work directly with you to assure that this process is smooth. To provide the best service, only Arrhythmia Alliance representatives or Trustees can agree to terms of the process at each location. You may enter agreements with the following individuals:

Mrs. Trudie Lobban [Founder & A-A Trustee]

Dr Andrew Turley [A-A Trustee]

Please contact A-A Pace4Life directly with any questions or concerns info@pace4life.org