Call for UK EP centres to support an EHRA Young EP group initiative

EHRA Young EP group have developed a new programme called EP Insight and is launching a pilot phase in some European countries including the UK.

EP Insight provides an opportunity for networking and contributes to developing clinical experience in the field of Arrhythmias and Cardiac Pacing in a chosen centre for Cardiac Electrophysiology and Devices. The goal of the programme is also to give the participants some insight on the workflow of different EP centres, allowing to watch state-of-the-art techniques, strategies, clinical and procedural standards thanks to a one to two weeks hands-off training with an expert electrophysiologist. Lastly, this programme can act as an introduction and first experience for Young EPs planning on a longer future visit in the chosen centre.

The group would like to encourage UK EP centres to support the programme. If you would like to get involved please fill in the Centre overview form below and send it to

More details can be found in the EP Insight Outline (see below)