Members Only Video Library

We have launched a premium video library for our BHRS members.  This contains some fantastic content by leading professionals.  Some example titles are:

  • Approach & Considerations for the Trans-septal Puncture
  • AF Ablation: Beyond PVI (Strategies & Approaches to Redo-Persistent Cases
  • VT: AADs & Non-Invasive Management Strategies
  • EPS Protocols & Frequently Performed Tests
  • Conduction System Pacing
  • Lead Extraction Intro
  • Cardio-Genetics for the EP/Device Specialist
  • S-ICD: Indications, Evidence & Decision Making
  • Managing Inflammatory Substrate VT
  • Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion
  • Eipicardial Ablation: Indication & Approaches
  • LV Leads & CRT
  • Lead Extraction

If you are not a member we have created a preview section within the main video library so you can see some examples of the content.

Special thanks to our trainee reps Nikhil Ahluwalia and Heather Edwards for working with our council members and other professionals to make such an interesting and premium set of videos for BHRS members.