Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Review (AER) Live

Radcliffe Cardiology, in collaboration with The British Heart Rhythm Society, present AER: Live, a new event aimed at best supporting the continuous education of health professionals engaged in arrhythmia management in the UK – through both primary to secondary care.
AER: Live is designed and delivered by leading figures from the British electrophysiology fraternity, and aims to bring together decision-makers and practitioners with the common goal – to maximise patient outcomes. AER: Live will inform, educate and disseminate best-practice on the most pertinent issues from diagnosis and referral pathways, to optimal treatment strategies and the latest drugs and devices in arrhythmia management.

AER: Live will comprise a mixture of general sessions – aimed at providing comprehensive update on the latest developments in arrhythmia management – and breakout sessions, tailed specifically for the educational needs of Electrophysiologists and Cardiologists, and General Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals.

Programme Organisers:
Dr Joe de Bono, University Hospitals Birmingham
Prof Richard Schilling, London Bridge Hospital