WEBINAR: How to practically provide MRI for cardiac device patients

November & December 2022

The vision of these seminars developed in conjunction with Barts Heart Centre is to ensure that patients with cardiac devices have safe and equal access to MRI scanning technology.  Abbott are supporting free registration.

A series of four 60-minute webinars providing comprehensive multidisciplinary recommendations and tips for starting or expanding cardiac device MRI services.  Target audience: cardiologists, cardiac physiologists, radiologists, radiographers, and medical physicists.


Seminar 1
Evidence base and guidelines for MRI in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices (including MR Unlabelled devices)
7th November 18:00hrs

Seminar 2
Review of cardiac implantable electronic devices (for non-cardiologists)
21st November 18:00hrs

Seminar 3
Patient workflow and tips for cardiac device MRI: The Barts experience. This will include a recorded patient journey, and recommendations for monitoring and reducing artefacts for cardiac MRI.
5th December 18:00hrs

Seminar 4
Device programming for MRI (including MR Unlabelled devices)
12th December 18:00hrs


Consultant Cardiologist

Sam Martin
Senior Cardiac Physiologist

Consultant Cardiologist

Emily Webb
Senior Cardiac Physiologist